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November 12, 2006

It was a slugfest in front of 10,133 fan in the Alamodome as a fight between 2 San Antonians stole the show from the Main Event (featuring former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield), Golden Johnson handed Oscar Diaz the 2nd defeat of his career as well as taking the NABF (North American Boxing Federation) Title.

After the fight Johnson said, "I just stayed with my plan."

In the 2nd round an accidental head butt opened a two-inch cut over Diaz' right eye and in the 8th round Diaz' left eye began to swell.

In the 11th round Johnson hit Diaz with a right that backed him into a corner and began to throw blow after blow until Referee Ruben Carrion stopped the fight.

Golden Johnson, a native of Killeen, but now lives in San Antonio is ready to become the fighter he once was thought to become. Johnson is now trained by former 2-Time World Champion Jesse James Leija and a team that consist of Johnny Leija, Leo Zuniga and manager Michael Miller and is now 2-0-1 with his new team.

Asked after the fight about why he’s looked the best and sharpest he’s ever been Johnson simply stated, “because of Jesse James Leija!”